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Nando’s Loyalty FAQ


Q: Must I have the Nando’s App on my mobile phone to be a Member?

A: Yup! You will need to use the Nando’s App to activate your Loyalty Account, collect Chillies and redeem your rewards. The Nando’s App will also be our primary way of communicating with you about your membership.


Q: What if I don’t have a smartphone?

A: Unfortunately, this membership can only be used with the Nando’s App. Therefore, you must have a smartphone which you can download and install the Nando’s App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.


Q: Do I have to pay for the new membership?

A: Nope! Not a thing. But if you have some spare love to offer, give us a shout out on our Nando’s Facebook page or tweet us @nandosmy.


Q: How does the Nando’s Loyalty Programme work?

A: It’s all very simple really. Each time you visit us (with minimum spending), you collect a Chilli. And Chillies bring Rewards! In no time at all, you’ll be enjoying extra helpings of chicken for FREE.


Q: What is the minimum spending to collect a Chilli?

A: You’ll need to spend a minimum of RM30 (excluding service charge) to collect a Chilli. There is a limit of one Chilli per Loyalty Account, per day.


Q: How do I activate my Loyalty Account after registration?

A: After registering, you should be receiving an SMS from us with a 4-digit verification code. You gotta key in this verification code when you log in to your Loyalty Account using the Nando’s App. You won’t be able to complete this activation via your Account on the website.


Q: How come I didn’t receive the 4-digit verification code?

A: Do make sure the mobile number you keyed in during registration is correct, active and valid in Malaysia. Try to request for the code again on the Account Verification page. You will be asked to key in your mobile number again. If you have registered the correct mobile number, you should receive the code in a bit. Otherwise, give us a holler via email to peri-peri@nandos.com.my.


Q: Can I use my Loyalty Programme for a delivery order?

A: Yes! You can collect a Chilli and redeem a reward for dine-in, takeaway and Members’ Exclusive Delivery service. However, third party delivery such as GrabFood and FoodPanda are not applicable.


Q: What rewards can I get as a Member?

A: Such a fabulous question and one which we are very proud to give a great answer:

After you’ve collected the 9th Chilli you will restart your Chilli journey from 1st Chilli while all of your saved Rewards remain in your Loyalty Account. Check your Account on the Nando’s App.


Q: How do I redeem the rewards?

A: When you have collected the 3rd Chilli, your 1st, 2nd and 3rd Chillies will automatically be converted into a ¼ Chicken and stored in your Loyalty Account. Same goes to the 6th and 9th Chillies for the ½ Chicken and Whole Chicken. To enjoy the rewards, just flash your Member ID when placing your order and inform our staff that you would like to redeem the reward. Easy-peasy. But read the small prints if you need more info.


Q: Can I redeem more than one reward at one time?

A: Yes! You may use up to 10 rewards in a day. So save up your rewards for a special occasion and treat your loved ones with the rewards you have accumulated… or spend them straight away and treat yourself and only yourself, it is entirely up to you.


Q: How can I check my Chillies and Rewards Collection?

A: They are all in your Nando’s App! Convenient, isn’t it?


Q: Will my Chillies expire?

A: Nope! The Chillies which are yet to be converted to a reward will not expire as long as you stay in love with us (as a member).


Q: Will my rewards expire?

A: Yes! Rewards must be redeemed within 6 months of the reward being converted from Chillies, so don’t squirrel them away for too long! Here’s the small prints.


Q: What do I do when I didn’t receive a Chilli/Reward?

A: Maybe it’s just simply a delay due to internet connection. Make sure your internet connection on your mobile phone is stable. Then, try hitting the ‘Refresh’ button at the top right corner on your Loyalty Account screen.


Q: What do I do when I didn’t receive a Chilli/Reward after 24 hours?

A: Get in touch with our Customer Experience Team!