Extra Extra Hot PERi-PERi sauce

We salute you! With eyes streaming and mouth burning, you’ll fall for fire that doesn’t flinch from flavour. Packed with the flavour of PERi-PERi (African Bird’s Eye Chilli blended with lemon, onion, garlic and spices) and the heat of a thousand suns, you will be coming back for more!

Extra Hot PERi-PERi sauce

You’re braving one of our fieriest sauces! A blends of African Bird’s Eye Chilli, onion, garlic and spices, our Extra Hot PERi-PERi sauce brings the flavour and the fire! You might need a hug afterwards. And a tissue.

Hot PERi-PERi sauce

If you’re lover of heat, you’ve come to the right sauce. A blend of African Bird’s Eye Chilli, herbs, spices and a kick of garlic and lemon, our Hot PERi-PERi sauce is bursting with the flavour of PERi-PERi. This is how hardcore fans get caught in the heat of the moment.

Garlic PERi-PERi sauce

Garlic is many things but it’s not subtle, just like this sauce! A blend of African Bird’s Eye Chilli, fresh herbs, spices, a hint of lemon and a generous kick of garlic, it will fill any first date with flavour and garlicky goodness! Pour this on both your plates and you can thank us later.

Medium PERi-PERi sauce

If you are unsure about how much heat you can handle, this is the gateway sauce for you! Our Medium PERi-PERi sauce is packed with flavour and enough heat to set your tongue to tingle. You’ll start with a dash but then you will want it with everything!

Lemon & Herb PERi-PERi sauce

The full flavour of PERi-PERi without the blow-you-away burn! When life gives you Lemon & Herb, get pouring with this blend of African Bird’s Eye Chilli, sun-ripened lemon, fresh herbs and spices.