14 Nov

Get Ready for a SUPER-Natural experience with Nando’s Smoky PERi-PERi

Are you ready? Are you ready for something SUPER-Natural? Inspired by the magical combination of Africa’s vibrant colours, unique heritage and the smoky flavor of open-fire cooking, the super-natural Smoky PERi-PERi was born. It delivers a full-bodied, rich flavor with sweet, smoky paprika, a hint of zesty lime, a delightful medley of herbs and of [...]


5 Oct

Perfect for any occasion!

You party, we cater! With our fully customizable menu, kira everything settledlah! Kindly contact +6 016 – 921 6181 or write to roger@nandos.com.my to enquire further. We’ve got you covered! Alternatively, thinking of having a party at your neighbourhood Nando’s? No worries! We can handle large orders. Just call 1300-88-6555 or drop an email to [...]


2 Jul

Feel the kick, without the pinch!

Believe it! We have Subsidi Ayam for the rakyats, rewarding Malaysians with more value for voting PERi-PERi Chicken into power. So…what do you get? Other than a satisfying meal, you also get a hot welcome, an insta-worthy environment with beautiful South African Art you’d likely wanna steal, friendly Afro-Luso music and PERi-PERi that flew in [...]


31 May

Bottomless Happiness!

Bottomless Happy Hour you say? Bottomless PERi-PERi Chips & a bottomless soft drink for RM 10.27 nett, Monday to Friday only from 3pm-6pm (excluding public holidays). Jom, tea time kat Nando's!


17 May

The Perfect Lunch Goal!

Treat yourself to a satisfying lunch that is big on taste, and bigger on value!


7 May

Family means no one eats alone

Come and share good times with your loved ones at Nando's this Ramadan. We've put together a complete meal that's fit for four, including the ALL NEW PERi-PERi Ulam! Try it with your family and feast on the sweet , tangy Mango & Lime PERi-PERi Chicken together. Komfem puas! The Mango & Lime Get Together [...]