1 Jul

Macam-macam style ada kat Nando’s! #CubaStyleBaru

There’s no denying that we’re known for our infamous PERi-PERi Chicken, but have you tried our other varieties? YES! We have MORE choices now! Nak ayam? Burger? Nasi? Cake? Hah, macam-macam style ada! Style baru nombor satu is our NEW Burger, Pita & Wrap collection. These classic dishes will tickle your taste buds with their [...]


3 Jul

We’re delivering the choices!



4 Mar

More Wallet Friendly Choices at Nando’s! #bukkaaaaWallet

Lunch just got a little more exciting. From 11am – 3pm, weekdays only, except public holidays, you can now choose between the Quarter PERi-PERi chicken with Mediterranean Rice for RM 17.90 or the new Chicken Salsa Bowl for RM 16.90 to accompany their bottomless drink. Flavourful juicy chicken tenders, filling Mediterranean rice, and special tangy [...]


5 Oct

Perfect for any occasion!

You party, we cater! With our fully customizable menu, kira everything settledlah! Thinking of having a party at your neighbourhood Nando’s? No worries! We can handle large orders. Drop an email to peri-peri@nandos.com.my and the rest is taken cared off!


2 Jul

Feel the kick, without the pinch!

Believe it! We have Subsidi Ayam for the rakyats, rewarding Malaysians with more value for voting PERi-PERi Chicken into power. So…what do you get? Other than a satisfying meal, you also get a hot welcome, an insta-worthy environment with beautiful South African Art you’d likely wanna steal, friendly Afro-Luso music and PERi-PERi that flew in [...]